Amy Robach Opens Up About Her Divorce, Love, and Life Lessons in 2023

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Despite the challenges faced, Robach and Holmes have found new perspectives and happiness amid life's upheavals, sharing their insights and experiences through their podcast. 

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes, former colleagues from "GMA3," reflect on the lessons learned in 2023 in their new podcast. Here's what they shared about love, loss, and life changes.

Robach reflects on her divorce from Andrew Shue, citing the cost it had on her, including losing possessions and friendships.

Choosing love remains a valuable lesson for Robach, while Holmes talks about the irreplaceable friendships lost. 

The duo left ABC after controversy arose in 2022 due to speculation about their relationship while legally married to others.

They deny cheating, stating they were already in the process of divorcing when photos surfaced. Their new podcast delves into their life experiences and growth since then.

Robach shares a revelation: despite losing job, reputation, friends, and possessions, happiness remained attainable.

Humor surfaces as Holmes chuckles at Robach's claim of losing most possessions, leading to a discussion about downsizing and giving away belongings.

Amy Robach and Andrew Shue married in 2010, and separated in August 2022; both were in their second marriage.

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