Who is Arjun Singh Rawat and why he is trending? Check the next slides for more information about him like net worth, family, business, etc.

Arjun Singh Rawat is an Indian business owner based in Uttar Pradesh, India. His business is mainly spread in Uttar Pradesh & NCR.

In a video on Lakneet’s YouTube channel, he disclosed many things about himself. He revealed that he owned crores of rupees in business. Presently, he is a director of 4 companies.

His main business is related to infrastructure, construction, etc. He never revealed his actual income anywhere but it is easy to understand that Arjun Rawat Net Worth is more than 100 crores.

Arjun and his father, his wife, and all 4 children and daughter-in-law live together in Rawat Villa. Arjun Singh Rawat married Poonam. In May 2023, his father expired.

Arjun started studying in a school in Nagalia village. Later on, he moved to different-different places to complete his education. He completed his B.Tech in Maharashtra.

After he decided that he will go for business. In his personal life, if he did a job or not, is not known but he was interested in business from the start.

In 2008, he and his wife registered a company named “Rawat Associates Private Limited” later on he registered more companies.

In a video, Lakhan Arjun Rawat revealed that he and his family members have a total of 23 cars from different brands.