Bianca posted a photo on Instagram of herself and said that she is the Longest Reigning Women’s Champion of the Modern Era. Now it is more than 400 days.

Bianca Belair joined WWE 7 years ago. In the Second week of April 2023. She joined on April 11, 2016.

Belair saved her title from IYO SKY who was against her for the WWE Raw Women's Championship in WWE Backlash 2023.

Bianca Belair husband name is Montez Ford who also a father of two kids with his previous partner. He is a member of street profits.

Before Bianca Belair, Asuka holds the WWE Raw Women's Championship from August 23, 2020, to April 11, 2021. (231 days)

According to the WWE Bio of Bianca Belair, Bianca is a superlative competitor she considers herself the EST of WWE...

...Proclaiming to be the strongest, fastest, toughest, and all-around best Superstar going, Belair has been an exceptional athlete her entire life.

From WWE Bio of Bianca - Before joining WWE, Belair earned All-SEC and All-American honors in track-and-field at the University of Tennessee.

Arriving in NXT, she effectively backed up her EST moniker and gained instant notoriety with big numbers in the WWE Performance Center weight room