Billie Eilish triumphs at the Golden Globes, winning Best Original Song for "What Was I Made For" from the "Barbie" movie's end credits.

Eilish's Golden Win 

Accepting her award, Eilish opens up, revealing her struggles a year ago and how writing the song was a lifeline during her challenging time.

Candid Confession 

She shares that creating "What Was I Made For" was a saving grace, expressing gratitude for the song's impact on her life.

Song as Salvation 

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Eilish acknowledges her brother and frequent collaborator, Finneas, attributing her growth and success to him, thanking him for his pivotal role.

Gratitude for Finneas 

This victory marks Eilish and Finneas's second Golden Globe win and second nomination, following their previous win for "No Time to Die" in 2022.

Second Win 

Eilish confesses that despite intending for the song to be fictional, it became unexpectedly personal, deeply resonating with her own life experiences.

Unexpected Personal Connection 

Highlighting the other nominees, including songs by Ryan Gosling, Mark Ronson, Lenny Kravitz, Dua Lipa, Jack Black, and Bruce Springsteen.

The Nominated Tracks 

Eilish's heartfelt revelation, her triumphant win, and the impact of her moving speech at the Golden Globes. 

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