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Program Overview

Understand the purpose and scope of the food handlers card training. Learn how it helps in promoting responsible food safety practices. 

Purpose & Scope 

Delve into the learning objectives of the course. From recognizing foodborne illnesses to maintaining cleanliness, it covers crucial aspects of food safety. 

Learning Objectives 

Discover the outcomes of completing the course. Find out what you'll receive once you pass the test and earn your food handlers card. 


Learn about the requirements to earn your certificate. Completion of the course and passing the test are essential steps. 

Requisites to Earn Certificate 

Understand the significance of holding a food handlers card. It demonstrates your understanding of food safety basics and compliance with state regulations. 

Certificate Holders 

Explore deadlines and access details. Find out how long you can access the course and review the training videos. 

Deadlines and Access 

Discover the special requirements of the course. From its online format to compatible devices and supported languages, we've got you covered. 

Special Requirements 

Hear from satisfied customers who have successfully obtained their food handlers card. Their experiences will inspire you to take the course! 

Testimonials and Success Stories 

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