Discover the exciting journey of 'Jury Duty' star James Marsden as he received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor on FreeVee. 

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A Night of Glitz and Glam! Recap the Golden Globe night where James Marsden was nominated alongside industry giants. 

Nomination Night 

Sweet Moments Shared! Explore James Marsden's Instagram Stories as he unveils a heartwarming text message from his mother post-Golden Globe ceremony. 

Instagram Revelation 

Unconditional Love! Dive into the heartfelt text from James Marsden's mom, Kathleen, expressing pride and joy at her son's nomination. 

Mother's Message 

A Mother's Perspective! Read how Kathleen Marsden cherished the moment seeing her son among the nominees on the TV screen. 

Favorite Moment 

Mom's Admiration! Kathleen continues to share her happiness, stating, 'My son did that. I can't quit smiling,' adorned with a red heart emoji. 

Touching Words 

Love You, Mom! Witness James Marsden's affectionate response to his mom's message, expressing his love in a heartfelt Instagram Story. 

James's Response 

The Winner's Crown! Explore the competitive field as James Marsden's Golden Globe bid is revealed to be in the hands of 'Succession' star Matthew Macfadyen. 

Golden Globe Outcome 

A Hit Series! Learn about 'Jury Duty,' the FreeVee show that captivated audiences, starring James Marsden as a hilarious version of himself. 

About 'Jury Duty' 

Ronald Gladden's Rise! Understand how the unsuspecting juror, Ronald Gladden, became a cultural icon with his genuine approach on 'Jury Duty. 

Cultural Icon 

Hilarious Self-Portrayal! Delve into James Marsden's role as a stereotypical version of himself on 'Jury Duty,' adding humor to the show's narrative. 

Marsden's Playful Role 

Fun at Jury Duty! Explore Marsden's perspective on playing against the backdrop of one of America's great equalizers — jury duty. 

Behind the Scenes 

Marsden's Take! Reflect on James Marsden's June interview with the Hollywood Reporter, 

June Interview Highlights 

 where he shared insights on the enjoyable experience of portraying a character amidst the jury duty chaos. 

June Interview Highlights 

Jury Duty Anecdotes! Laugh along with Marsden's quote: 'Nobody gives a s— who you are at jury duty — you're just one of the rest of us. 

The Greatest Equalizer