Step into the dazzling world of Jennifer Lopez as we unravel the playful charm and wedding magic in her latest music video.

Nigel Lythgoe's Abrupt Departure 

Dive deep into the versatile career of J.Lo, a powerhouse in music and acting. Witness her magnetic persona in the enchanting 'Can't Get Enough' video. 

Date -  January - 11 - 2024 By -

J.Lo's Light-Hearted Approach! Discover how Jennifer Lopez adds a touch of humor and self-awareness to her wedding-themed music video. 

Playful Self-Awareness 

Join the star-studded celebration with J.Lo and Derek Hough. Experience the magic of dancing, multiple grooms, and bridal gown transformations. 

Star-Studded Music Video 

Explore the nostalgia as Jennifer revisits iconic wedding moments from her movie career, creating a magical atmosphere in the music video. 

Matrimonial Vibe 

Snarky Remarks & Cursed Bouquets! Immerse yourself in the hilarious banter among wedding guests, making the video even more entertaining. 

Wedding Guest Banter 

Meet Ben Affleck - J.Lo's Fourth Husband! Uncover details about the whirlwind romance leading to Jennifer's fourth marriage with Oscar-winner Ben Affleck. 

J.Lo's Fourth Husband 

J.Lo's Wedding Expertise! Laugh along with Jennifer as she shares her witty take on being an 'expert' in weddings after walking down the aisle four times. 

Wedding Wisdom 

Ben Affleck's Take! Understand the supportive dynamic between Jennifer and Ben as he encourages her artistic expression in the meta music video. 

Affleck's Support 

Can't Get Enough' & Beyond! Anticipate the release of Jennifer Lopez's ninth studio album 'This Is Me... Now,' marking her return to music after almost a decade. 

New Music Ahead 

This Is Me... Now: A Love Story - Concept Film! Prepare for a visual journey into J.Lo's past, as the concept film delves into her tough childhood and emotional journey. 

Concept Film Premiere 

Mark your calendar for the highly-awaited album release, promising a musical extravaganza from Jennifer Lopez on February 16. 

Album Release Date: "Save the Date! 'This Is Me 

Exploring J.Lo's Journey! Delve into the intricate details of 'This Is Me... Now: A Love Story,' as it promises to unfold the layers of J.Lo's incredible life. 

Concept Film Details 

A Shocking Twist Awaits! Stay tuned as we tease a jaw-dropping revelation in the last slide that will leave you in awe. 

The Ultimate Revelation 

Unveiling the Surprise! The 'Can't Get Enough' Music Video's Shocking Twist - Brace Yourself for the Unbelievable Conclusion!