Jennifer Lawrence spills the beans on her 'stressful' 2019 wedding. What made it so challenging? Let's dive into the details. 

Jennifer's Wedding Woes 

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Explore Jennifer Lawrence's candid remarks about the not-so-glamorous side of being a bride. What did she find 'awful' and 'so stressful'? 

A Bride's Dilemma 

Jennifer's worries about her guests being cold. How did her concern for their comfort add to the wedding stress? 

Guest Comfort Concerns 

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Details about Jennifer's rehearsal dinner. What unfolded that led to an unexpected request for Hollywood legend Robert De Niro? 

Rehearsal Dinner Drama 

Jennifer Lawrence's colleague Robert De Niro at her rehearsal dinner. What made her realize he might not be enjoying the celebration? 

Robert De Niro's Presence 

Jennifer's decisive moment: Asking De Niro to leave. How did she handle the situation, and what was De Niro's response? 

The Decisive Moment 

Robert De Niro's polite exit from Jennifer's rehearsal dinner. How did the Hollywood icon respond to the unexpected request? 

A Polite Exit 

The impact of De Niro leaving on Jennifer Lawrence. How did it 'genuinely make her feel better' about the celebration? 

Jennifer's Relief 

Jennifer and Cooke Maroney's life post-wedding. How did their journey unfold, leading to a significant announcement? 

Life After the Wedding 

Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney's baby boy. When did they welcome their bundle of joy, and what's the baby's name? 

Welcome, Baby Cy 

Jennifer's reveal of her son's name. Learn the inspiration behind the name 'Cy' and the sentimental connection to Cooke Maroney. 

Cy's Unveiling 

Jennifer Lawrence's thoughts on motherhood. Why does she find it 'scary' to talk about, and how does she view her new role? 

Motherhood Revelations 

Jennifer Lawrence's transformative moment post-birth. How did the arrival of her baby reshape her perspective on life? 

Embracing New Beginnings