Julia Roberts' Shocking Revelation: Why I've Never Gone Nude On Screen! 

Date -  January - 12 - 2024 By - AnIdeaCame.com

Julia Roberts opens up about her career choices and the responsibilities she feels towards women in the film industry. Let's delve into the details! 

Exclusive Vogue Interview 

News surfaces about Nigel Lythgoe's unexpected hiatus from "So You Think You Can Dance" amid recent accusations.

Representing Women in Film 

Julia Roberts on her 'G-rated career.' How does she navigate choices to represent herself and make impactful decisions in Hollywood? 

Selective Career Choices 

Julia's stance on being vulnerable on screen. Discover why she opts not to undress or be physically exposed in her movie roles. 

Choosing Vulnerability 

Julia Roberts' bold statement on nudity in films. Despite roles in sexually charged movies, why has she never gone nude on screen? 

Nudity on Screen 

Richard Curtis delves deeper into Julia's perspective on Hollywood's changes. Is it easier or harder for stars today compared to the '90s? 

Richard Curtis' Inquiry 

Julia Roberts feels like a 'dinosaur' in today's Hollywood. How does she perceive the evolving structure of the entertainment industry? 

Dinosaur in Hollywood? 

Julia Roberts reflects on the challenges of fame today. What does she find exhausting about the modern landscape of stardom? 

Challenges of Fame 

Julia compares the 'structural sense' of her early career to the chaotic nature of today's show business. What key differences does she highlight? 

Structural Changes 

Julia's nostalgic view of simpler times in Hollywood. How did the straightforward path to success contrast with the complexity of the present? 

Nostalgia for Simplicity 

Summing up Julia Roberts' revelations. What key insights did she provide about her career, Hollywood's changes, and her impactful choices?