Keilah Kang is a famous social media personality, especially on Instagram. She has 2.6+ million followers on Instagram.

Keilah was born on 5th June 1996. As of 2022, she is 26 years old. She was born in Charlotte, NC. She is a Korean-American US Citizen.

She is in a relationship with her boyfriend, Ben. She posted a photo, of kissing her boyfriend in 2012 when she was a teenager.

Keilah Kang is a Korean but she is born and brought up in the US only. Keilah Kang is a US Citizen...

Why she is so famous? Keilah Kang is famous for posting her stunning, Bikini photos. She is a travel lover.

She is promoting brands, running affiliations, and a website that publishes exclusive content and charging money for a private chat as well.

She is a brand promoter like REVOLVE, FITJEANS, fashionnova, MANSCAPED, hotmiamistyles, etc. She posted more than 800 posts.

Keilah Kang is very regular about her fitness. She has done scuba diving, skydiving, horse riding, etc.