Lil Nas X strikes again! Explore the controversy surrounding his latest music video 'J Christ.' What has the Grammy winner stirred up this time? 

Date -  January - 13 - 2024 By -

The rapper's social media tease: Lil Nas X hints at a crucifixion setup in 'J Christ.' How did he foreshadow the provocative content of the video? 

Teasing the Crucifixion 

Dropping the bombshell: Lil Nas X releases the 'J Christ' music video. What shocking scenes and celebrity cameos await viewers? 

Release Day 

Date -  January - 13 - 2024 By -

Unpacking the visuals: Lil Nas X crucified on a cross. How does the rapper incorporate controversial religious imagery in his music videos? 

Controversial Imagery 

Beyond the crucifixion: A glimpse into heavenly and hellish scenes. How does Lil Nas X create a visually striking and controversial narrative? 

Heavenly and Hellish Scenes 

Spot the stars: Celebrity lookalikes in 'J Christ.' Which famous figures, including Mariah Carey and Barack Obama, make unexpected appearances? 

Celebrity Lookalikes 

Addressing past criticisms: Lil Nas X accused of 'mocking' Christianity. How has his provocative style sparked controversy in the past? 

Mocking Criticisms 

Satan Nikes make a return: Lil Nas X's ongoing battle with Nike. Revisit the controversy that led to a trademark infringement lawsuit in 2021. 

Nike Controversy 

Noah's Ark Sequence: Lil Nas X as Noah in a lavish biblical portrayal. How does he creatively incorporate biblical references into the 'J Christ' video? 

Biblical References 

Lil Nas X's provocative legacy: From 'Montero' to 'J Christ.' How does the rapper continue to push boundaries in the music industry? 

Provocative Legacy 

Immediate reactions: How is the public responding to Lil Nas X's latest video? Explore the impact and initial reception of 'J Christ. 

Impact and Reception 

Behind the controversy: Is there an artistic statement behind Lil Nas X's provocative choices? Uncover the intentions and messages in his music. 

The Artistic Statement 

Direct from the artist: Lil Nas X's perspective on the 'J Christ' video. What does he have to say about the symbolism and controversy? 

Lil Nas X Speaks