Demi Bennett is the real name of Rhea Ripley and she was born in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.

How tall is Rhea Ripley?

Rhea Ripley height is 5 feet 7/8 inches, which is 1.72 meters.

Rhea Ripley is an enthusiast of bodybuilding. She is posting many photos on her Instagram handle which depict it.

Rhea Ripley was born on 11 October 1996 and she is 25 years old in 2022. She joined a wrestling career when she was a teenager.

Rhea Ripley loves a pet a lot. On her Instagram, she featured some stories of her pets on her profile.

Rhea Ripley was in a relationship with her boyfriend Dane Davies in 2015 now both has a different partner.

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Rhea Ripley is in a relationship with Buddy Murphy. Buddy Murphy currently working in All Elite Wrestling.

She is currently signed to WWE. Rhea Ripley is the first female Australian champion in WWE history...

Rhea is the inaugural NXT UK Women's Champion, a former NXT Women's Champion, a former Raw Women's Champion.....

...and a former WWE Women's Tag Team Champion, making her the only person to have held all four titles.

Rhea Ripley (Demi Bennett) is a member of the judgment day and recently joined Dominik Mysterio.