Roman Reigns Net-worth

Roman Reigns working in Movies, promoting brands, etc. He is a WWE Superstar. He is earning more than 1 million US dollars per month (approx.).

The real name of Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns' real name is Leati Joseph "Joe" Anoa'i. He is a former football player and an American professional wrestler.

Roman Reigns Height

Roman is 6 feet 3 inches tall (191 cm). He is around 120 KG weight.

Roman's wife's name is Galina Joelle Becker. He met her in 2006. Their first daughter was born in 2008. Roman and his wife got married in 2014.

Roman Reigns wife

Roman Reigns Family

After marriage, in 2016, they become the parents of twin sons and in 2020 they become the parents of twin daughters.

How long has roman been universal champion?

Roman Reigns is the only person who held the Universal Championship for more than 2 years. He became the champion on the 30th of August 2020.

Roman Reigns also a WWE champion more than 2 years.

How long has roman been the universal champion?

How old are Roman Reigns? (Roman reigns age)

Roman Reigns was born on 25 May 1985 and he is 38 years old in 2022.

Are Roman Reigns and the Rock relatives?

Yes, Roman Reigns and the Rock described each other as cousin brothers.