Discover the unexpected birthday gift that supermodel Beverly Johnson received this fall. What surprising announcement did she make? 

Beverly Johnson's Birthday Surprise 

Unveiling Beverly Johnson's love story with Brian Maillian. How did this couple keep their relationship strong throughout the years? 

Longtime Love Story 

The hidden details of the October ceremony in Las Vegas. How did Beverly Johnson and Brian Maillian pull off a secret wedding? 

Secret Las Vegas Ceremony 

Beverly's unique birthday wish. How did she shock her now-husband with an unexpected request? 

Birthday Wish Granted 

The whirlwind romance: from the birthday wish to 'I do' in just two days. What made this couple decide to tie the knot so quickly? 

From OK to "I Do" in Two Days 

Beverly and Brian's differing preferences. How did they compromise between an intimate setting and a grand celebration? 

Intimate Setting vs. Grand Celebration 

Revisiting Brian Maillian's original proposal. Why did Beverly initially resist and what changed over the years? 

Proposal Flashback 

Beverly Johnson's unconventional engagement choice. Why did she opt for a piece of property instead of a traditional engagement ring? 

A Unique Engagement Choice 

Celebrating Beverly Johnson's upcoming play 'In Vogue.' What does this off-Broadway premiere reveal about her iconic journey? 

Beverly Johnson: In Vogue 

A milestone moment for Beverly Johnson. Commemorating 50 years since she made history as the first Black woman on Vogue's cover. How does she reflect on this achievement? 

50 Years of History 

Exploring Beverly Johnson's remarkable journey. How does her play 'In Vogue' shed light on her role in the #MeToo Movement and her influential career? 

From Vogue to #MeToo 

Beverly Johnson's impact on the fashion world. How has she maintained her prominence with over 500 magazine covers and a successful acting career? 

Supermodel's Legacy 

Details about 'Beverly Johnson: In Vogue.' Where and when can you witness the supermodel's captivating life story unfold on stage? 

Theatrical Celebration