Halle Bailey, of "The Little Mermaid" fame, announces the arrival of her baby boy, "Halo," in a heartfelt Instagram post.

Baby News! 

Date -  January - 07- 2024 By - AnIdeaCame.com

A photo showcasing the newborn's hand adorned with a gold bracelet engraved with his name, Halo, accompanies Bailey's joyous announcement.

A Glimpse of Halo 

Bailey's heartfelt message welcomes her son into the world, expressing excitement about the journey ahead.

Warm Welcome 

Rapper DDG, Bailey's boyfriend, shares his profound joy, calling their baby boy his "biggest blessing" and expressing overwhelming love.

DDG's Happiness 

The couple hadn't previously confirmed the pregnancy, making the unexpected announcement a delightful surprise for fans.

Surprise Announcement 

Bailey previously spoke about her relationship with DDG, emphasizing the transformative impact of experiencing deep love in her life.

Blossoming Romance 

Bailey and DDG's baby, Halo, marks the couple's first child together, ushering in a new chapter in their lives.

New Beginnings 

Halle Bailey's joyful revelation and the new addition to their family, emphasizing the surprise and happiness surrounding the arrival of their baby boy, Halo. 

The Big Reveal