What does Joe Biden say about the semiconductor industry and the jobs in America? He said, 10 million jobs will be added.

Joe Biden announced the addition of 10 million jobs to the US economy. He made a tweet on the 7th of October 2022.

President Biden also included that America is leading to the world in making semiconductors and computer chips

He went to the IBM office and met the folks. He said, "Manufacturing leaders like the folks at IBM are making decisions...

...right now about where to invest in advanced manufacturing. And they are choosing America because they see we are coming back and leading the way."

He said "because of my economic plan, the company Micron announced it"II invest the 100 dollar billion over 20 years to build factories to make the memory chips we rely on in our phones."...

...It would create 50000 jobs.  He also said that it would be the largest American investment of its kind. Ever.

Biden added in another tweet "Our economy added 263,000 jobs last month. That is 10 million jobs since I came to the office – the fastest job growth in history."

With the Inflation Reduction Act, we're lowering energy and health care costs. And paying for it by making corporations pay their fair share.

Biden also talk on the inflation -

Congressional Republicans want to repeal the law – spiking costs and killing the clean energy manufacturing jobs our investment creates.