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Anubhav Dubey

Anubhav is a 29 years old young entrepreneur who belongs to Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, and currently resides in Indore, MP. He belongs to a normal family and presently he is a business owner, motivational speaker, and job creator. He is a co-founder of the famous food and beverage company Chai Sutta Bar Private Limited. Chai Sutta Bar is a franchise-based startup currently running 450+ outlets in 190+ cities across the globe. Here on this page, we are trying to cover most of the questions related to Anubhav like Anubhav Dubey net worth, age, career, car collections, Chai Sutta Bar, etc..

Anubhav Dubey Wiki (Anubhav Dubey Biography) in short

Full nameAnubhav Dubey
Other names / NicknamesAnubhav
Date of birth1994
BirthplaceRewa, Madhya Pradesh
Age29 years in 2023
ProfessionEntrepreneur, business owner, Motivational Speaker, etc.
Zodiac Sign
Anubhav Dubey GirlfriendSingle
Brother/Sister/Siblings/Children1 sister
ReligionHinduism / Hindu
Language he speaksHindi, English

Education & Career

Anubhav completed his schooling at Maharishi Vidya Mandir and Columbia Convent Indore. Later on, he completed his graduation B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) in Law/Taxation in 2013 from Renaissance College of Commerce & Management. 45, Anurag Nagar, Indore.

In a video of Chai Sutta Bar Story, he says, he came to Indore during school time, and from 9th standard, he is in Indore and stayed in a hostel. After graduation, he moved to Delhi for UPSC preparation. But moved back to Indore after his friend Anand called him back to Indore to open a business.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Anubhav is an owner and co-founder of a franchise-based startup named “Chai Sutta Bar” in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. He is also involved in real estate work.

Elaichi Chai by Chai Sutta Bar
Elaichi Chai by Chai Sutta Bar

Why he is famous?

Anubhav is not only the single owner of Chai Sutta Bar. Along with him Rahul Patidar (Rahul Gothi) and Anand Nayak are also the owners of Chai Sutta Bar. Anubhav is a public image from Chai Sutta Bar. He become famous when his business grew. Not only this, he came on youtube and many of his videos and shorts went viral and he becomes famous.

He appeared in many interviews. He claimed that he shared the stages more than 100.

Anubhav and his partners decided to sell tea in Kulhad instead of paper cups or plastic cups. The two main reasons behind Kulhad. The first reason is Kulhad is recyclable and plastic cups are not. The second reason is the job. Yes, The Chai Sutta Bar’s aim is not just to earn money but also to provide jobs. Anubhav and his team went to the village to see how Kulhads are made. He told the people there that we need lots of Kulhads daily for which he would give money.

Chai Sutta Bar company is the first who started to sell tea in Kulhad. That’s the reason Anubhav Dubey is also called the “Kulhad Man of India”.

Viral images/Photos

Height, Weight, Hair color, eye color, etc.

Height5 feet 10 inches (approx)
Weight60 kg approx
Hair ColorBlack
Eye colorBlack

Availability on social media & other platforms.

Instagram – Available
YouTube – Available
Twitter – Available
Facebook – Available

Achievements & Awards

UNYCC Awarded.

He was documented in the NCERT annual report for 2018-2019. Anyone can go directly and read on page number 163.

As mentioned “A young entrepreneur Anubhav Dubey, who started a food start-up in the name of ‘Chai Sutta Bar’ at the age of 22 shared his experiences as a young entrepreneur. He informed that the ‘Chai Sutta Bar’ is a chain of tea and coffee with the foremost priority to serve authentic and superior quality tea at very affordable prices. The tea or coffee is served in clay cups for promoting green consumerism.“

Link –

He was part of the First Youth Mahapanchayat In Madhya Pradesh in July 2022. The occasion of the 116th birth anniversary of Amar Shaheed Chandrashekhar Azad. Anubhav shared how he identified the connection of Chai with Youth.

Anubhav Dubey Family

In his family, Father, mother, and a sister with grandparents as images are provided below.

Anubhav Dubey Net Worth

Anubhav with his two other friends started the company by investing 3 lakh rupees only. Initially, they were not able to survive but with a smart mentality, they survived. They open the first outlet near to girl’s hostel. Girls come for consuming tea and boys are also coming. The main target is the youth. In many interviews, Anubhav says that the current net worth of the company is more than 100 crores.

Is Anubhav Dubey suffering from a life-threatening disease?

Yes, he shared on LinkedIn that he is suffering from “Type 1 Diabetes” which is not curable. Given below screenshot is taken from LinkedIn.

Is Anubhav Dubey suffering from a life-threatening disease?
Anubhav Dubey suffering from a life-threatening disease.

Anubhav Dubey car collections?

In an interview with Sandeep Maheshwari on YouTube, Sandeep asked about the car owned by Anubhav. Anubhav replied that he owned a secondhand Swift car, a diesel variant. He added that he need to come to the office from home and which is around 2 kilometers, that’s it. So this car is enough for him.

Facts, More on Anubhav Dubey

  • A person in Dubai asked, “Anubhav how he would sell Tea in Kulhad and said no one will buy it here in Dubai“. Anubhav replied we will sell. Again he said no one will buy in Kulhad then Anubhav asked what is the population of Abu Dhabi (Dubai) then he said 15 lakhs (1.5 Million) then he laughed and replied “This much is of our Jabalpur. (इतनी तो हमारे जबलपुर की है।)”
  • In an interview with Sandeep Maheshwari, he said we will take this franchise model across the globe. And those who will consume the tea in Kulhad will kiss the soil of India.
  • Anubhav starts a business to sell tea in Kulhad but he disclosed in the same interview with Sandeep Maheshwari that he does not consume tea.
  • On LinkedIn, he shared that his parents wanted to be an IAS officer or a CA or a good-paying job. They were not happy with the decision to go with Chai Sutta Bar. He added, now his parents are really happy.
  • Earlier he disclosed in a video that he was smoking but at present, whether he is smoking or consuming alcohol or not, is now known.
  • He is a vegetarian.

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