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Brooke Monk

Brooke Monk, born on the 31st of January in 2003, is a digital content creator on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat as well. She came into this industry in 2019. Here on this page, We are trying to answer most of the questions related to Brooke like her boyfriend, age, net worth, husband’s name, place, wiki/Wikipedia, biography, etc, and also Brooke Monk’s no makeup photos.

Brooke Monk Wiki (Brooke Monk Biography) in short

Full nameBrooke Monk
Other names / Nicknames
Date of birthJanuary 31, 2003
BirthplaceUnited States of America
Brooke Monk Age20 years
ProfessionYoutuber, Tiktoker, Digital Content Creator, Makeup Artist
Zodiac SignAquarius
BoyfriendSam Dezz
Brother/Sister/Siblings/Children1 sister
Language she speaksEnglish

Education & Career

According to her LinkedIn profile. She completed her school from home in 2020. Just one year before she started her career on the internet with well-known websites or apps like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube as well.

To create businesses or earn money, she is covering all the major platforms including Snapchat. She has shown her desire that she wants to work in the film or movie industry in the future.


On TikTok, Brooke Monke came in 2019 and gained popularity and subscribers. She gained 22+ million subscribers with 1.7+ billion likes. She believes in god and is mentioned on TikTok bio as “Jesus forever”. She is also following more than 2000 people on TikTok.

We have gone through her TikTok profile till last. We found that she started to post on TikTok in September 2019.

Brook Monk posted her first video on TikTok about painting a phone case and that was part 1. As of now, Brooke posted 500+ videos (short videos) on TikTok.


She started to post on Instagram in April 2019 and she joined in January 2019. However, she is not posting content on Instagram like TikTok. She is posting her photos only and some photos with her boyfriend.

She has 3.5+ million followers on Instagram and only 140+ posts and mostly photos and some reels. Her Instagram account got verified officially in August 2020.

Brooke mentioned “1 Corinthians 13: 1-7” on her Instagram bio. That means she loves the initial 7 Corinthians out of 13 most.


In the same year September 2019, she started to post videos on YouTube, and her first video was about makeup. She was teaching lazy school girls about makeup in 10 minutes. Brooke, usually, posts shorts on YouTube and some long videos.

Why she is famous?

She is famous for her TikTok videos which she publishing regularly since 2019 and her YouTube where she uploads videos and shorts regularly from the year 2019.

Brooke Monk No Makeup (Brooke Monk without makeup) and with Makeup photo

Note – The below photos were taken from her Instagram profile. We are also not sure which photo is with makeup or no makeup.

Height, Weight, Hair color, eye color, etc.

Brooke Monk Height5 feet 5 inches (approx)
Weight53 kg approx
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye colorBlack

Availability on social media & other platforms?

Instagram – Available
Snapchat – Available
YouTube – Available
Twitter – Available
TikTok – Available
Facebook – NA
LinkedIn – Available

Brooke Monk Family Information

There is not much information available about Brooke’s family but a video on her YouTube channel is available where she is surprising her parents with iPhones.

Contact details of Brooke Monk

Email id – brooke[at]

What is the monthly revenue of Brooke Monk? (Brooke Monk Net Worth)

She is promoting brands on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc. Brands like Princess Polly (A women’s clothing, and Fashion company in the US, UK, AU, etc.). She is earning through Shorts on YouTube. Brooke also promotes brands on TikTok, TikTok also pays for creators from the creator fund.

Brooke is earning yearly 3+ million US dollars in a year approximately.

Brooke Monk’s Boyfriend’s

Brooke Monk’s BF name is Sam Dezz and he is also a social media influencer, with around 1 million followers on Instagram and more than 1 million followers on TikTok.

More about Brooke Monk

  • Whether she is smoking or consuming alcohol, is not known.
  • Whether she is a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, is not known.


Brooke Monk No Makeup?

Brooke Monk posted many photos with makeup and without makeup on Instagram which we can view by clicking the belong link.

Brooke Monk Age in 2023?

Brooke Monk is 20 years old in 2023. Her date of birth is January 31, 2003.

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