Category: Dancer

  • Sona Dey

    Sona Dey

    Sona Dey is an Indian dancer and a social media influencer. She is also a YouTuber along with her bf and with a separate YouTube channel named “Sona Dey”. For almost three years, she has been continuing the video creation job on social media platforms. She also uses the Chingari app. Here on this page,…

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  • Linda Martino

    Linda Martino

    Linda Martino is an Italian belle dancer who lives in Egypt. To grow in her career, she moved to Egypt. Presently, she is working as a belle dancer and attends parties, weddings, etc. Here on this page, we are trying to answer most of the questions related to her like her husband, age, boyfriend, height,…

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  • Johara


    Eicatrina Andreeva or Ekaterina Andreeva known as Johara which means jewel in Arabic. She is a Russian dancer coming from Russia to Egypt. For many years, she has lived and worked in Cairo. Presently, she is staying there. She has been a World Vice Champion and champion of Russia. Here on this page, we are…

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