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  • Prabh Kaur

    Prabh Kaur

    Prabh Kaur is a model, a social media influencer, a singer, and a YouTuber from Una, Himachal Pradesh, India. Kaur is a Punjabi girl who was born in February, just 3 days before Valentine’s Day in 1998. In May 2023, she became a mother of a baby boy. Here on this page, we are trying…

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  • Karmita Kaur

    Karmita Kaur

    Beautiful 19-year-old Karmita Kaur is a dancer and social media influencer. She belongs to Punjab and she is a Punjabi. She was born in Punjab, India. Kaur got a student visa in 10 days for Canada. Here on this page, we are trying to answer most of the questions related to Karmita like her husband,…

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