JPG to PNG - JPEG to PNG Converter

How to convert JPG to PNG file?

It is really possible to change JPG to PNG.

You have to follow some steps:

Step #1 Go to

Step #2 Click on 'choose file' and select your JPG file. (Note: bydefault it will show only JPG or JPEG file for your convinience)

Step #3 Click on Convert button.

Step #4 It will convert the JPG format file to PNG format and a Download and Reset button will be shown below of converted image.

Step #5 Click on the download button to download the converted file from JPG to PNG.

What is the full form of JPG?

The JPG full form is Joint Photographic Experts Group which is also the full form of JPEG.

What is the full form of PNG?

The PNG full form is Portable Network Graphics.